White Label Forex brokers How do they differ from regular brokers?

As a rule, a brokerage company is interested in promoting and increasing awareness of its brand, so it will often assist its partners with cross-promotion and marketing campaigns. The broker will also provide you with custom landing pages, banners and other creatives. And the greatest advantage of affiliate programs (compared to white label) is that the brokerage company will bear all the costs related to clients’ trading process and customer support while handling all technical, financial, and marketing issues.

X Open Hub offers business owners their innovative high-level product, XOH Traders, a trading platform to empower clients with advanced trading features, tools, and modes. Brokerage businesses may integrate this platform
as a White Label solution. Furthermore, business owners get high-end payment providers, including the possibility to integrate
B2BinPay, a crypto payment solution, that jumps your brokerage company to a brand new level. It may not be in the best interest of a company to manufacture their own products, especially when the goal of the company is to provide a wide range of products to consumers.

An alternative product with all the features which other platforms offer is a good way to solve the problem. New brokerages can save more money by paying much less fee and get as good service as the traditional platforms. As we mentioned earlier, most organizations that want to become white labels in order to run their own brokerage firms are not very qualified to do so. Some of these “unqualified” groups go ahead and try doing it anyway [with a very, very low rate of success].

It integrates with the FIX API Trading Platform to aggregate different quote sources. A business with very little experience in FX or trading will still have a difficult time making an IB business work. However, even utter failure as an IB will not leave the deep financial scars that a failed white label start-up could.

  • They manage the client-facing activities, while leaving the tech support and development of the well-functioning online forex trading platform to the experts.
  • So although it’s understandable that every networker in the industry wants to start a forex brokerage, it’s crucial to ask the right questions and receive the right answers (not wishful thinking) prior to going ahead with a new arrangement, like a forex White Label.
  • If you have interest in signing the contract of the broker white label, please contact us.
  • However, bear in mind that these benchmark platforms may not be progressing as quickly as forex traders are.
  • At ACY Partners, we help entrepreneurial business owners in the forex space who are looking to take their business to the next level.

B2Broker has recently won an industry award as the best White Label Multi-Asset Liquidity Platform of 2023. In the worst cases, a lack of technical support can mean that the broker will face fines and bankruptcy. White label solutions provide start-ups with the top-rated technical support that they need without hiring support staff, which is cost-effective and ensures high quality of service. New brokerages that choose white label packages receive a key to a comprehensive and feasible business solution for a monthly/annual fee.

Forex White Label Cost

Fintechee provides White Label Broker Forex as Forex White Label Provider. Additionally, White Label Spread Betting Platform is a kind of Broker White Label that best forex white label solutions Fintechee offers. When you’re ready to give your own Forex brand a go or if have any questions before getting started, just complete our short form below.

However, it should be noted that such problems and challenges become less noticeable when you look at so many advantages that white labeling offers. In the Forex trading market, White Label Forex company is a corporation that is able to market another broker’s platform as if it was their own. A company can become White Label on grounds of a special agreement made with a broker. This is a great option for those who want to set up their own Forex broker and establish their brand in the market without the need to actually create a new Forex broker.

Top-5 Forex White Label Solutions

By collaborating with other companies or people, the Forex broker can broaden its customer base and boost revenue. It presents a chance for the Forex White Label partner to enter the market with fewer entry costs, fewer regulatory restrictions, and a shorter time to market. It requires much lower cost to build a trading platform for your brokerage business. As a Forex white label provider, Fintechee provides brokers with White Label which authorizes brokers to use Fintechee’s WEB Trader which serves as a Forex trading platform.

Can I Go for A White Label?

To avoid all these processes, some of the companies prefer to become White Label. This gives them the ability to do business depending solely on the services of the broker they made an agreement with. As we have already noted, White Label brokers are companies that offer traders access to a trading platform from a regular broker.

White label provides forex brokers with services and solutions to support the needs of brokerage companies. If your clients deposit their money with the brokerage firm you work with (instead of with your firm directly), they’re going to find out who the real broker behind the platform is (even though the platform is stamped with your logo and company name). When it’s time to send the money to fund their trading accounts, they’re going to know. This may not be a big deal if you already have a strong, established brand in another complementary market (e.g., financial blogs, gambling sites, etc.) and simply want to extend that brand to FX without dealing with the additional hassles of processing deposits.

Instead, the new start-up broker pays a monthly fee for the white label service provision along with a small set-up fee for the installation and configuration. The company may integrate payment providers, CRMs, and other components, but the turnkey solution doesn’t include them. This is why WL brokers are equipped with next-level solutions to conquer the market. A newcomer business owner gets a turnkey solution, skipping all the development stages. Reliable companies unlock access to their advanced technologies and products, implement all the components to make them function as one mechanism.

To put it simply, when it comes to a full white labeling Forex solution partnership, you get the platform and you can brand it any way you see fit. In addition, you are also able to accept deposits from your traders, white partial white labeling mostly means that the deposits from the traders are mostly handled by the primary broker. White label solutions are cost-effective, and it saves time, improves overall offer to provide a holistic service package, offers a trading platform and range of financial instruments, provides technical and dedicated customer support. It is for this reason that many brokers settle for an easy solution by starting as a white label forex broker instead.

Marketing and promotion online can offer quick and relatively cheap expansion into many markets. As our worldwide client base increases, Forex IB and White Label plans emerge that allow networkers to work with some of the best professionals the industry has to offer. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – look outside the spectrum of your own knowledge and seek the advice of others who stood where you now stand. If a forex White Label doesn’t fit in your current operations, don’t force it. If it does, do it right with a clear entry and exit plan (just like with a good trading position).

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